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Our Practice

We know that finding a dentist that you can truly trust can be a daunting task, with businesses trying to pull your attention left and right. Rest assured that Mountain View Family Dentistry has spent its 20+ years in operation to set itself apart from the competition. Staying consistent among our years of experience, we know what our patients' concerns are, whether it may be safety, finances, or the overall feel of our clinic. Because of this, we have spent all of our years up and running to satisfy all of the needs of our patients, and then some. In all of our experience, we have broken down our patient experience into the 3 C's. 


Our primary function as a dentistry is to care for every one of our patients. Each and every patient will be receiving top quality dental care and assistance, through the use of our state-of-the-art instruments and our constantly evolving techniques. Even in the COVID-19 crisis, our office has evolved to care for the safety of both patients and staff, and we intend to continue this philosophy for the overall satisfaction of our patients.


One of the most common encounters with patients we have are those that experience some kind of dentist anxiety. Even for those that do not experience this, we feel that it is obligation to ensure comfort into every one of our patients. From the waiting room to the operatories, we have maximized comfort to the needs of all of our patients. Watching tv in the living room? Watch the same channel in every single of our operatories. How about a massage while you're in treatment? We got you covered with a massage dental chair in every operatory. Concerned about your health safety? We completely altered how our staff functions to minimize contact with the patient. In every conceivable way, we have tried our best to ensure comfort and ease to all of our patients.


As soon as you take that first step into our clinic, your worries become our worries. Any pain or discomfort you feel becomes our number one priority. We know many patients that walk in are not positive of the treatment or how they will feel, so it is our duty to establish confidence into each and every one of our patients. So the next time you come into our clinic, be confident that our staff have nothing but dedication to your assurance of our clinic. 

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