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Comprehensive/General Dentistry

Mountain View Family Dentistry is a comprehensive dental practice. This means while we perform many different cutting-edge cosmetic dental procedures we also perform general dentistry. Dr. Lou’s precise cosmetic dental skills are renowned in the community. Many of our patients choose our office to address and treat their varying concerns and dental needs such as dental health maintenance of their teeth and gums as well as cosmetic dental treatments.

In an effort to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with our patients, we have made a commitment to take the time to listen so that Dr. Lou may better understand each patient’s wants and needs, and help them to be as healthy as they choose to be. We at Mountain View Family Dentistry are committed to comprehensive dental care which has helped our patients achieve a better quality of life. Because we believe that treating the whole patient with complete dental care as opposed to individual tooth care, we are able to preserve tooth structure and avoid treatments that fix problem areas as a last means. We always encourage our patients to take an active approach to progressing to a higher level of dental care when they are ready to do so.

Dr. Lou utilizes the latest in technological advances as well as new treatments and procedures to perform preventative dentistry that will help you maintain your smile. Dr.Lou can perform any dental procedure you need in order to achieve or maintain the smile that you have always wanted.

General dentistry concerns the prevention and correction of all your dental problems. Dr. Lou performs many different general dentistry treatments and procedures, including:​


Composite Fillings


Periodontal Treatment


TMJ Therapy

exam and cleaning.jpg

Exam & Cleaning

Root Canal Therapy

extraction tooth.jpg

Tooth Extraction

If you would like to learn more about general dentistry, or if you would like to schedule an initial consultation, please contact us today. During your initial consultation, Dr. Lou will inform you about all aspects of your procedure and let you know what to expect.

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