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Porcelain Fillings

What are Porcelain Fillings?

There are two types of porcelain fillings; inlays and onlays. Inlays are smaller, and contained within the cusps of the tooth. Onlays are done for larger areas of decay and extend over to the outside surface of the tooth

We are a mercury-free practice. However, many people still have silver/mercury fillings in their mouths from years past. While they are functional, there have been virtually no advances in metal fillings since their inception and there is some evidence that the mercury contained in them is dangerous to your health. Porcelain inlay and tooth-colored restorations (onlay) create fillings that are not only beautiful (or unnoticeable), but also add strength to weakened teeth. These restorations are aesthetically pleasing and very strong, thanks to new bonding technologies.

Dr. Lou prefers to place porcelain fillings, which are shaded to match a patient's existing dentition (color of your existing tooth). She understands how to create healthy, functional, beautiful smiles – and tooth-colored fillings are one simple way to maintain a smile's beauty. Traditional amalgam (silver) fillings are dark, and thus conspicuous, and they contain trace amounts of mercury, a harmful heavy metal.

They also expand and shrink in response to temperature changes, resulting in tiny fractures within your teeth. Over time this stress cause by the silver filling can cause the tooth to fracture. Porcelain fillings are a better alternative because they are non-toxic and help create an attractive smile.

The final result is virtually invisible!


Porcelain fillings typically take two visits.

The damaged or decayed area is removed and an impression, or mold, is taken of the tooth. The mold is sent off to the dental labs , which will custom-make the onlay or inlay from porcelain materials.

Dr. Lou will bond the inlay or onlay onto the damaged tooth. While this procedure sounds simple, it requires great skill to do it correctly, so it’s important to have a cosmetic dentist who is experienced and skilled with porcelain fillings.

If you need a new filling or you have old metal fillings that need to be replaced, please contact us or email our office today. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

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