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TMJ Therapy

Receiving TMJ Therapy

Disorders of the jaw joint, or temporomandibular joint (TMJ), can cause jaw, facial, and neck pain that often results in chronic headaches and soreness. At Mountain View Family Dentistry, proper TMJ function in relation to surrounding structures is one of our main concerns; it is vital to your dental health and comfort. Dr Lou’s practice is equipped to diagnose TMJ disorders and offers many options for relief.

There are numerous causes and types of TMJ disorders (TMD). For proper treatment, a full evaluation by Dr. Lou must be completed. She conducts a full assessment of your jaw and bite function at her office to determine the TMJ treatment that is best suited for you.


If you suffer from jaw and facial pain, Mountain View Family Dentistry can help you restore proper jaw function with a number of different TMJ treatment methods. Contact us today.

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