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Mountain View Family Dentistry

Dr. Lourdes Pedraza

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No One Does Implants Like Dr. Lou!

It’s one thing to become a general dentist, but to continue and specialize in any branch of dentistry is going above the standard. Dr. Lourdes Pedraza has gone above and beyond, being able to earn her Diplomate in Implant Treatment by the International Dental Implant Association. Over her 30+ year long career and thousands of hours in operation, Dr. Lou has become a leading figure in the world of Implant Treatment. Her hundreds of successful implant procedures have come with their own challenges and variety, and she has been able to overcome every obstacle. When it comes to her specialty, it’s safe to say that she is in a league of her own. Click the button to read more about Dr. Lou!



Our cleanings conducted by our Registered Dental Hygienists will include the removal of calculus (tartar), plaque, and teeth polishing. Before the cleaning, we also conduct a comprehensive dental exam of the patient. Click the link for more information!

Got a damaged tooth? Whether it was due to decay or trauma, we can fix it! We offer a variety of filling materials, including resin or gold.

Being an accomplished esthetic dentist, Dr. Pedraza's career has become centered around cosmetic dentistry. Trained in the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques, our patients will receive their own personalized treatment plan. Click the link above to see all of the options we provide.

Having already received a Diplomate in Implants, Dr. Pedraza has become well-versed in implant treatment in her 30+ year long career. This surgical procedure contains many moving parts and factors, so more information is included in the link above. 

The future of teeth alignment lies in Invisalign, the invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces. Make an appointment today to schedule a free Invisalign Consultation. 

Botox and PRP

Book an appointment today to consult about a personalized botox plan.

Our Team


Maria Sanchez

Office Manager


Dr. Lourdes Pedraza


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Lucina Carbajal

Dental Assistant



Francisco D.

"It had been years since I had gone to the dentist, and I honestly don't remember having a good experience the last time I went. At Mountain View Family Dentistry I was impressed by the professional environment as well as their dedication to making sure I recieved the proper treatment for my teeth. Dr. Lou was very patient, and I felt little to no pain as she worked on my teeth. Her main concern is the well being of the patient by always asking how I was feeling many times throughout the entire time. I had cavities taken care of on all sides of my mouth, and honestly they feel great leaving a comfortable bite all around. The staff is courteous and always open to work with you in scheduling your appointment, and their flexible schedules..."

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